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Educator Training

“Unlock the Potential in Every Child.”  Using sign language to bridge communication  and address different learning styles helps children improve their verbal skills, spatial memory, visual discrimination, and early reading skills.  

 This multi-sensory approach  helps all children improve language and literacy skills.  These professional development classes are intended to engage participants and assist them in building a strong and developmentally appropriate curriculum for children through fun, interactive games, activities, songs, rhymes, learning cards, and sign language. 

Enroll in one of our public workshops or bring a customized training to your
 classroom, home school, library, or childcare center.


Baby Signs® Early Childhood Educator Training (3 – Hour)

This dynamic and engaging workshop is offers high-quality training options specifically designed to teach early childhood education professionals everything they need to know to begin baby signs right away. This training is designed to provide an informative and enjoyable training with games, songs, and activities liberally sprinkled throughout to keep educators engaged and excited as they learn. Through a variety of hands-on activities participants will be able to incorporate ASL into their daily classroom routines and transitions.

Participants will learn the WHAT, WHY, WHEN, and HOW of the Baby Signs® Program including…..

  • how to use American Sign Language as a communication tool to support early learning
  • specific techniques to help them implement this research-based program within their program.

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Ready - Set - Sign2Learn (2-Hours)

 Come join the fun and and learn over 32 of the most useful baby signs to use with infants and toddlers.

Sign language is a fun and engaging communication tool that provides another way to let children know what to expect in the day ahead, adding to their sense of safety and security as they anticipate and follow the day’s events.   

In this interactive class you will have an opportunity to learn how to use sign language to support early learning to include strategies for incorporating signs into greeting time, story time, transitions and other daily classroom routines.

Incorporate baby sign language into your early childhood curriculum and unlock the potential in the whole child – every child. 

                                            Click Here for Class Schedule and Registration



Signing A-Z: Introduction toSign Language and the Manual Fingerspelling Alphabet   (1.5 - Hours)

Join the fun and let your fingers do the talking as as you explore the wonderful world of sign language. Through hands-on activities you will have the opportunity to learn the manual fingerspelling alphabet along with 26 American Sign Language (ASL) signs.  Using manual hand signs and ASL in your classroom will provide children with a physical way to represent letters and visually identify letters and words. Upon completion of the class, you will have the basic skills to teach the manual alphabet and signs to the children you serve.

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‘On The Grow’ Infant Development Workshop (1 – Hour)

Looking for a dynamic workshop designed for infant teachers and early intervention professionals? The On the Grow™ Infant Development Workshop is designed to provide teachers concrete activities to use with babies in their care along with the developmental basis for each of the activities. You will explore four important areas of development in babies: vision, physical, cognitive and communication.Upon completion you will be prepared to address the four areas of development with the infants you serve through hands-on, engaging activities.

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Easy as P.I.E. - Promoting Social-Emotional Development with Sign Language (2.5- Hour)

Children need a combination of intellectual skills, motivational qualities, and social-emotional skills to succeed in school. Join us for a fun learning experience as you explore a multi-sensory ‘Sign, Say and Do’ approach for helping infants and toddlers learn how to identify and name their feelings. 

This engaging, 3-step approach introduces a combination of words, books, baby signs and pictures to help children Process Identify and appropriately Express their emotions and feelings.

Helping young children learn the feeling signs is a good way to get them started on this critical skill of reading one’s own and others’ emotions and provides them with a jumpstart in the development of what’s called “Emotional Intelligence,” skills that will serve them throughout life.

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