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Express Yourself with Sign Language
(To express personal emotions, to show gratitude or to ask for help)

Introducing sign language early in the school year is a great way to to help pre-school children learn how to express their feelings and emotions appropriately.  Baby sign language is a very expressive language and easily understandable to children.  Using signs to express their emotions gives children another way to communicate and can help ease conflict and frustration.





Sometimes I’m Happy
(Tune of Farmer in the Dell)

Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m happy
When I feel happy I smile a smile
Sometimes I’m happy.

Sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I’m sad
When I’m sad my face looks down
Sometimes I’m sad

Note: To add verses, let the children choose different emotions and ask them how they would show this emotion.  Sign the feeling as you sing the song!












                           There are a variety of ways to provide children an opportunity to learn how to express their emotions appropriately.                                          One way is to begin with  a children’s book that has a lot of different feeling vocabulary.  


‘When You’re Happy and You Know It’, great for younger children.
 For older children a fun song is…’Sometimes I’m Happy’